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‘We can’t choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go from there’ Stephen Chbosky

Hi, I’m Andrew Broadbent. When it comes to understanding a business – both its present and its future – I believe you need the full history. So I’d like to tell you my story; to give you the insight you deserve before choosing to work with me.

I grew up understanding the financial pressure of small business.

I was born in Tasmania in the 1960s to rural ‘stock’, but have grown up in Melbourne for most of my life. My accounting DNA comes from my mum who was a bookkeeper for a transport business.

My parents were also small business people so I lived with the financial pressures of running small businesses from a young age. They ran a car detailing business as well as a pet shop. So unsurprisingly, my school holidays were spent washing cars and… you guessed it, making pet food!

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My early career

I entered the workforce in 1984 straight after high school and studied my Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at night at Swinburne.
As Trainee Accountant for AV Jennings, I acquired an invaluable grounding. Several promotions later, I took on the role of Systems Analyst working at the intersection of finance and technology for the first time.

To continue growing my career, I left AV Jennings to join First National, the merchant bank of NAB at the time. During this tenure, I worked across many NAB Group departments including Accounting, Corporate Finance, Subsidiaries & Investments, Strategic Planning and Commercial Lending.

A mistake turns to opportunity

After a client asked me to join their transport and freight logistics company, I discovered on day one that my new employer had over $250K in ATO debts. After I learnt the importance of ‘due diligence’ the hard way, I just got to work.

I restructured, relocated and renamed the business – and introduced new financial strategies to create a more robust, sustainable enterprise.

Once the new structure was in place, I continued on a part-time basis while establishing my own financial consultancy. I specialised in helping small growing businesses that needed financial management expertise but could not afford a full-time resource.

Tempted by a once in a lifetime offer

While happily running my new business, a former banking deposit client with a NASDAQ listed parent approached me with an incredible offer: to come on board as their Asia Pacific Finance Director.

It was simply too good an opportunity to pass up – and proved to be an invaluable experience.

However, the role required a lot of travel and after some time, the attraction of returning to self-employment was too strong. So I re-opened the doors to my consulting practice, focusing once again on developing credible financial systems, negotiating debt funding and managing cash flow for growing SMEs.

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And then Smarter Numbers was born

I formally established Smarter Numbers in November 2010. My offices are in Eltham and Ocean Grove – but I prefer to meet my clients on their premises, at their favourite café or at their home at a mutually agreeable time. It’s all part of the service.

I always strive to improve the flow of meaningful information to help you make more robust financial decisions and achieve better results.

As Albert Einstein once said:

“Not everything that counts is counted, nor does everything that’s counted counts”

It’s never too late to understand and manage what counts for you
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